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XTemplate History

XTemplate was originally developed by Barnabas Debreczeni (

The code is very short and very optimized, according to my speed tests it's the fastest template engine around which can do nested blocks and variables..

The basic syntax is from FastTemplate and QuickTemplate (, but the entire
class was written by cranx from scratch in one day, without a line from other template engines. THIS IS NOT A REWRITE OF OTHER ENGINES!

The algorithm used makes this code amazing fast, you can do a bunch of nested dynamic blocks and everything you want, because it doesn't use recursive
calls to build up the block tree.

Docs and some functions we didn't need (clearing variables, etc) are still missing, but they'll come if there's demand.

Sometime around 2002, cranx was too busy to continue with the project, so cocomp took over (kind of!), cocomp was then too busy for about, erm, 3 years!
Anyway, cocomp has found a new lease of life for the project and rolled up the last few years improvements and released them on Sourceforge. Enjoy. If you
want to get involved in XTemplate, see XTemplateContributions.

Latest stable & CVS versions always available @

Copyright (c) 2000-2001 Barnabas Debreceni
Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Jeremy Coates

Licensed BSD / LGPL - see license.txt in the distribution archive.

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